Tips for choosing the best LED Light supplier in China


When choosing an LED Lighting Supplier you want to choose someone you can trust with excellent product and application knowledge and service. However, with many items being available on the internet how do you really know how you choose? It must be impossible to contact someone to speak to, when you do, they have little understanding of the product and simply know the basics, it helps you to make a good choice then.

LEDs, with their many advantages including energy efficiency, longevity, durability and controllability, are now playing an important role in most forms of lighting.
There is excellent LED product available and solid state lighting technology is improving rapidly. However tests on LED products found in the Chinese
marketplace indicate a wide variation in product quality and how effectively they may illuminate a space. Some lower quality LEDs sold may not provide sufficient
light, may flicker when dimmed, change colour through life or fail prematurely

It’s not enough to simply look on their website or read their blogs and news pages. It’s all too easy nowadays to have a professional looking website telling you just how great they are. Nobody is going to tell you how bad they are, right? As mentioned previously, you need to talk to them to get a feel for their expertise and knowledge on LED Lighting.

It’s also important to ensure the supplier you are using has all the right accreditations to ensure you are in good hands and buying from a reputable company.

So, I make you a checklist, which covers both products and suppliers, is divided into the following areas:
• Safety and EMC compliance
• Performance
• Independent verification of performance
• Quality
• Warranty
• Component compatibility
• Installation

If you’re not sure about any of the jargon and claims or you think you’re not getting the whole story, you are welcome to contact with us,  thanks!