Top 5 LED Suppliers in China 2018


China is one of the biggest LED product markets in the world and caters to global demand of LED Lights, including LED lamps, solar panels, and LED tubes. However, buyers still have to research for finding the top 10 LED suppliers of china of 2018.

We have simplified the task by creating this list of best LED manufacturers and suppliers in China. Here it is!

Top 1: LEDVV

LEDVV – Best China Led Lights Manufacturer over 15 Years, Manufacturer of wholesale LED street light, ball lights, wall lights, strip lights, flood lights and more led lighting products since 2000. We carry a wide selection of led flood lights, led strip lights, led high bay lights, led steet lights, led wall lights and more. Browse our various categories and find out why we have been the go-to source for our customers since 2008.


Top 2: Easter Lighting

Easter lighting a China-based manufacturer and supplier of energy efficient luminaries for residential industries and commercial applications. It provides quality LED products like LED bulbs, ceiling fixtures, and outdoor lights. The team of LED manufacturers is located in Shangyu, Zhejiang, China.


Top 3: Wellmax

This LED manufacturing firm was founded in 1987 and is a popular LED bulb supplier of Shanghai. While it deals in LED products, its strength lies in research and development. The China based team of best LED manufacturers also gives importance to eco-friendly processes while creating LED products.


Top 4: SeniorLED

SeniorLED specializes in highly efficient lighting products and is known to deliver LED products at competitive price in China. Some of the products in its catalog include grow lights, LED tubes, LED panel lights, triproof LED lights, LED high BAY UFO, and solar street lights. This LED supplier is also a registered brand in the USA and Canada. Check out website of best LED suppliers in China

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Top 5: Charlstonlights

This China-based best LED manufacturers provide energy efficient LED lighting for residential, commercial, and hospitality units. Its product catalog includes CUBIE LED down lights, HALO LED down light, Grow LED lights, eclipse led patent lights, and LED mini patent lights. The company is quickly making its name in the lighting industry for premium LED products.



Top 5 LED Lights Manufacturers from China


LEDs or LED Lights have overtaken the whole lighting market and have emerged as a nightmare for other lighting sources. All this because of its numerous features.

With everyone turning their focus to the new lighting solution – LED lights, attention has also been brought to the LED light manufacturer. There are several reasons why LED lighting has been favored and many people are making the switch to use it. This form of lighting is eco-friendly as it has low greenhouse emissions, it also does not contain harmful material like mercury and emits less heat while lighting. Add these to the fact that it uses up very little energy for lighting compared to the usual form of lighting therefore saving up on the electricity bills, and then you understand why many people are joining the bandwagon.

The service offered by the LED light manufacturer is also a clear indication of whether you should choose them this is especially important for those who buy in bulk to resell or other commercial purposes. This includes how lengthy is their ordering and delivery process, shipment if you buying them from abroad and other purchase procedures. Opt for a quicker service that is open at all stages allowing for your opinion and concerns. A good manufacturer will also guide in you in making the right choice to suit your needs. They can also advice you depending on your location whether you stand to benefit from any governmental incentives aimed to encourage people to make the transition.

Here is the top 5 LED lights manufacturers from China


LEDVV.COM China Led Lights Manufacturer over 15 Years, Manufacturer of wholesale LED street light, ball lights, wall lights, strip lights, flood lights and more led lighting products since 2000.

LEDVV Mainly Products: 

LED Strip Lights


LEDVV’s LED strip lights are extremely popular in many facets of lighting design thanks to their compact size, high brightness, and low power consumption. They are also extremely versatile, as shown by architects, homeowners, bars, restaurants, and countless others who are using them in every way imaginable.

LED High Bay Lights


LEDVV’s High Bay lights fixtures are designed with durability in mind, for up to 100,000 hours of high-quality lighting – in round and linear styles. Our fixtures are available with UL Listings for damp locations, along with: Sturdy, die-cast aluminum housings; Tempered glass lenses to protect against dust and dirt; Aluminum and acrylic prismatic reflectors.

LED Flood Lights


LEDVV’s LED Floodlight fixtures and LED Spotlight fixtures offer robust illumination for up to 150,000 hours. Each of the high powered flood lights features an integrated LEDVV with a very wide 120º beam angle. Find the LED Floodlight, Spotlight or Area Light to fit your next project. Fully adjustable locking knuckle so you can always get the angle you need and keep it there.

LED Wall Lights


LED wall lights can instantly turn a flat wall into something decorative and worth noticing. Specifically designed to add ambient lighting in a variety of spaces, more of today’s wall sconces and wall lamps are specifically shaped to add dramatic up and down lighting effects, really adding depth and structure to a room.

2, Eslightbulbs

Eastar Lighting, a member of Eastar Products Limited, is a lighting manufacturer and supplier that specializes in long life and energy efficient products for commercial, industrial and residential light applications. The company is headquartered in Shangyu, Zhejiang, China. OfficeWe have manufacturing facilities located Eastern and Southern China. Leveraging its targeted LED lighting portfolio, technical support and expertise, Eastar Lighting is committed to providing high-quality, sustainable, green lighting solutions to the world lighting market.

LED Light Manufacturers in China

We are committed to delivering cutting edge lighting technologies through our innovatively designed, sophisticatedly engineered, and robustly tested LED lights.

We’re dedicated to providing superior products and outstanding service based on a thorough understanding of the customer needs as well as the development and deployment of innovative technologies. We take great pride in our products, our services, and the way we conduct our business.

3, Wsledlight

LED Light Manufacturer

“Winson Lighting Technology Limited”, was established in the year 2006 at Shenzhen, China. Since then, with many years of hard work and continuous innovation of products we have today become a reputed LED light manufacturer in China who has been successful in winning the trust of many of its clients, providing them with superior quality products at legitimate cost.

LED panel light recessed

With so many years of experience, today we have become the renowned high-tech enterprise specialized in producing, developing and marketing both indoor and outdoor LED lighting products. Not only in local areas but also worldwide like in Europe, North America and Australia we have been successful in setting high standards in supplying LED lights.

Multifarious LED lights like, LED panel light, LED down light, LED spotlight, LED high bay light, LED tube light, LED underwater light,LED flood light, LED bulbs, LED street lights, LED strip light, LED PAR light, LED sample show case are open up at one of the best LED bulbs manufacturer who is well known to be “Winson Lighting Technology Limited”.

4, Seniorled

Senior LED

Senior LED – Specialists in High Efficiency Lighting. As a part of Solar Leading Group we are able to combine almost a decade of industry experience with the aggressive innovation of a start-up. Our company was founded on the belief that our products should be built to last whilst being as efficient as possible. We strive to source the best technologies, in order to create the most efficient products and help our clients meet their lighting needs.

Our Engineers use their experience working in fields such as optics, electrical engineering and heat management to develop LED lamps, LED tube lights and energy efficient LED lighting. We are extremely proud of the caliber of our products as the most efficient LED products in China available for purchase, which have UL, DLC, CE and TUV certified and our LED tube lights have been CSA tested*. Our products are also insured with Product Liability insurance from AIG in the unlikely scenario any of our products are found to have any faults, reducing your risks and guaranteeing our products’ reliability and safety.
We have been able to significantly reduce overhead and maintenance costs for companies around the world including the USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Over the years we have worked on a wide variety of lighting projects from luxury shopping centers to hospitals and factories.
We pride ourselves on a needs-based approach to our sales strategy and aim to work with partners to find tailored solutions for all of your lighting needs. We are always looking to grow our international network of distributors to assist us in delivering the best possible service wherever you are. Learn the complete process of becoming a LED distributor with SeniorLED and starting a venture in one of the fastest growing market in the world.
*Our high efficiency LED Tubes products are CSA tested in addition to the industry standard UL, DLC, CE and TUV certifications.

5, Etop LED

ETOP TECHNOLOGY CO.,LIMITED was founded in 2000, is located in Shenzhen city China, professional research, production, sales and service as one of LED lighting production. We have advanced management concept and in addition to a number of high-quality skilled professional led lighting engineering and technical personnel, also has a large number of high, new, sharp production equipment.

As professional LED lights company, we consider the quality of products to be first importance, ever since the company foundation, we have been investing and putting efforts on quality control. Not only most of our led products have passed the CE, UL, FCC, RoHS, etc. standards, but we also know the highly skilled workers and experts are the key factor on quality control. We are proud of our loyal and skilled factory workers and the engineer team. Many of them have over 10 years’experiences in LED lights manufacturing. We also have the advanced equipment and technologies in our manufacturing plant.

Featured LED Products:
1, We’re your commercial LED lighting specialists for many types of led dot lights,it includes the diameter from 16mm to 50mm,these dot lights can be used in a wide range of applications including holiday light displays, stage and theater production, advertising, landscape and architectural lighting, theme parks, places of worship and touring and entertainment venues.

2, ETOP Technology utilizes the latest technology available in LEDs and module packing to bring together clean, bright, efficient, and practical channel letter lighting in one comprehensive product line.we are professional at producing SMD3528 LED modules,SMD5050 LED modules,injection modules,high power modules for light box.

3, We have 10 years history for LED Pixels production,and through hole LEDs are our strong products,all our RGB Pixel string with IP68 waterproof grade,and we have large stock for 12mm RGB Smart pixels and single color pixels.and all these pixel string can be used in a wide range of applications including holiday light displays, stage and theater production, advertising, landscape and architectural lighting, theme parks, places of worship and touring and entertainment venues.

4, We are also focused on LED Pixel strips production,it includes WS2811 Pixel strip series,WS2801 Pixel strips series,WS2812B pixel strip series,and INK1003 pixel strip series.these pixel strips can be used in a wide range of applications including holiday light displays, stage and theater production, advertising, landscape and architectural lighting, theme parks, places of worship and touring and entertainment venues.

5, Our new LED S-strips can be freely curves in every direction. Soldering is no longer necessary with these LED strips, this saves you time and is ideal for use with small channel letters.S- strips is small, thin, versatile, and bright. and is offered in 2 colors of whites, red, green, and blue with strict rank control. The strip can be cut every 3 LEDs and are ideal for indoor low profile channel letter illuminations and window signs.

Nowadays, the Lighting Market has flooded with LED Lighting which makes it a difficult task to purchase good quality lights. This post will provide you an overview which will be helpful in choosing a standard LED Lights Supplier and Manufacturer.