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Various commercial lightings are used by business owners for variety of purposes. For one, it can be used to portray the positive image of a business venture. However, it can also become a major contributor to overhead expenses.

But, don’t worry because a new technology can be your saviour – LED.


Why Choose LED Commercial Lightings?

It’s impossible to talk about energy-efficient, low-cost, and high-performing commercial lightings without mentioning the advantages of light emitting diode (LED).

Perhaps, your business has tried LED’s competitors-fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, and the like. Now, let’s see what LED has to offer:

Newer technology.The LED technology is generally considered new. Although it was discovered in 1906, it was only in 1960s that it got a practical purpose and only recently that it became so popular. Today, it is used for variety of purposes-from mobile phone lights to heavy-duty commercial lightings. Incidentally, this technology will never be a hit without its proven benefits.

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·Non-toxic.Fluorescent is known to have some mercury that can be very toxic if left exposed. LED commercial lightings don’t have that. In fact, they don’t have anything that can put anyone’s health at risk, making LED the completely safe choice. Also, UV and infrared are not a problem with LED fixtures.

·Cooler. LED requires lesser electricity, thus emitting lesser heat. This is not only more comfortable to the touch, but also helps keep the indoor temperature more stabilized.

·Cheaper maintenance.Since LED commercial lightings are more durable, annual maintenance costs will also be lowered down from at least 70 percent up to 90 percent.

·Reduces energy bills.Replacing your business’s old lighting with LED will dramatically cut your energy consumption by up to 90 percent.

Led Lighting for Commercial

·Longer lifespan.LED have about 50,000 hours of life, which is 30 times longer as compared to halogen bulbs, and five times better than the top notch fluorescent bulbs.

Performance is never compromised with LED commercial indoor lightings. They are designed to be as bright as they should be. Manufacturers simply have to use more tiny LED bulbs in the fixture to increase brightness.

But, too much brightness can be counter-productive for some. The good thing is that there are LED lights with dimmer control.

Aboub.com is your one-stop-shop for residential, commercial, and industrial-grade lighting fixtures and lighting fixture accessories. We carry everything you need to outfit your business, office, warehouse, parking lot, or home with the lights you need at prices you’ll love. Make sure to checkout our Lighting Guide if you’re new to selecting light bulbs by color temperature.

LED Shop Lights
LED shop lights are a perfect addition to any industrial workspace or shop area. They can be turned on by pulling a chain included within the fixture.

Under Cabinet Lights
Under cabinet lights aren’t just for the kitchen anymore. They are becoming more commonly used to light desks, office spaces, coves and shelves as well. We carry LED, xenon, and fluorescent options.

Security Lighting
We sell battery-powered and LED security lighting. Our battery-powered systems, quartz bullet flood lights and motion sensors can keep your property safe.

Outdoor Flood Fixtures
Flood light fixtures are used for sporting events, parking lots, outdoor events, and more. Our selection includes induction, metal halide, high-pressure sodium, compact fluorescent and LED fixtures, giving you plenty of great options to choose from.

Wall Packs
Wall pack lights are an excellent solution for security purposes and parking lots. They are designed with durable features such as shatter-resistant glass to protect each fixture from vandalism and bad weather. 1000Bulbs.com offers a wide selection of wall pack lighting that includes metal halide, high-pressure sodium, compact fluorescent, and LED fixtures.

Fluorescent High Bays
Use fluorescent high bay fixtures to illuminate your business, office, warehouse, or any other commercial or industrial space. Choose from T5 and T8 fixtures with options for 2, 3, 4, or 6 lamps.

Fluorescent Strip Fixtures
Fluorescent strip fixtures are suitable for general or task lighting and are easily mounted to the wall or ceiling. Available in 1 to 4 lamp fixtures.

Under Cabinet Lights
Under cabinet lights aren’t just for the kitchen anymore. They are becoming more commonly used to light desks, office spaces, coves and shelves as well. We carry LED, xenon, and fluorescent options.

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