Know about the brewing machines and equipment and their maintenance


For starting a beer brewery, one not just needs to arrange the funds or should make the list of the beer brewery equipment that is required. But one should also have the knowledge about the beer brewing equipment that is being used in the brewery. Below, we are sharing some of the important brewery equipment, which you must check before you start your business.

Brew Houses

One of the most important and major equipment which one needs to start the brewery business is the brew houses. There are many beer brewery equipment manufacturers who manufacture the brew houses if you will provide them the specifications, as the brew houses vary in sizes and shapes. The brewhouses are helpful in producing the hot beer wort.

Malt Mills and Grinders

For grinding the malt safely without causing any damage to the corn husk, the malt mills and grinders are used. For the straining of beer constantly in the brewhouse, it is important to have malt mills and grinders.

Brewery measuring and control system

There should be an automatic or manual system for the brewing process and for fermenting process. So, the brewery measuring and control system helps in doing that.

Some other equipment that is being used in the brewery are wort cooling system, beer production tanks, fermentation sets, and maturation units, ice treated water tanks, hot water tanks, malt processing system, and other such equipment. Until and unless, one will not have the knowledge about the beer brewery equipment, they will find it difficult to choose the right equipment from the manufacturer or supplier.

From where to buy the beer brewery equipment?

There are two ways, either one can get the beer brewery equipment manufacturer from different manufacturers, by giving them the complete details about the equipment. You can mention anything specific if you need. Or else, you can buy them directly from the beer brewery equipment supplier. There are many suppliers available in the market, from whom you can buy the beer brewery equipment. You can also check sites like these for getting the beer brewery equipment. When checking the online sites, do check if they provide all the equipment or they manufacture all the equipment or not.

Does the beer brewing equipment need maintenance also?

Yes, the beer brewing equipment, do need the maintenance as well. Not all the beer brewery equipment need maintenance. But the big machines that are used for brewing or fermenting, and other such equipment do require the proper maintenance.

From where to get these brewing machines maintenance done?

When you are buying the equipment, you can check with the supplier or the manufacturer, if they provide the maintenance service or not. Most of the brewing machine’s suppliers do provide the maintenance service also. They may not include it along with the machine when you buy it, but they do have the facility of maintenance. They will charge you for the maintenance service of the brewing machines, so check with them.