How to buy the right fit shoes?


We all buy shoes for ourselves for different purposes. Some of us by the shows for running, some for hiking, some for any sports, or other such purposes. But most of us tend to do the same mistake, that is making use of the same shoe everywhere. Yes, we all have the habit of using the running shoes for hiking also, walking also, and for general purpose and sports also. This is not the right thing to do, we should buy sports shoes for sports purpose, and trekking or hiking shoes for hiking purpose. We should not make use of hiking shoes for athletic purpose, as their built is different. That is why when you go for buying shoes, it is always recommended to follow some basic tips and then buy the shoes. If you are not aware of the basic tips which one should be following for buying shoes, then read here.

Look for the type of shoes you need

This is the most important thing which you should be doing while buying the shoes. Do not buy just any shoes, look for particular shoes. Like if you need athletic shoes, look for them instead of looking for the walking shoes. Once you have got the athletic shoes you need, you can then other things which are required to check while buying the shoes.

Find out the right fit shoe

When we say find out the right fit shoe, we do not mean that try every shoe. We mean that check the shoe number according to your foot. Most of the shoe stores have a foot measurement scale, where you can easily measure which shoe size is right for you. The shoe numbers are often written in different ways according to different countries. So, if you are confused with that, take help from anyone in the store. If you are purchasing online, you can check the different scale measurements to get the right one. You can check some of the shoes at Pro Direct Shoes online store also at their website

Always wear socks while buying the shoes

This may look odd to some of you, but this is the right way to buy shoes. Because when you will wear shoes, you will wear socks along with it. So, checking the shoes while wearing socks can help you in finding the right fit shoes. Buying shoes without wearing socks can be problematic later on when you will wear the shoes with socks. And do not get any socks, try to get the socks which you will be wearing along with the shoes.

Walk around

We always suggest one to walk around in the store after wearing the shoes, so that you can see if they are comfortable or not. Do not think that you will feel comfortable after wearing them twice or thrice. If they are the right shoes, they should be comfortable then and there only. So, just walk and see, that the shoes are not tight, the cushioning and padding is proper, and the heels are also good. Once you are done checking all these things, then you can buy the shoes.