Top 10 Skype video recorder for Windows Computer


Almost everyone uses Skype to make calls or find friends around the world. Skype revolutionized the world by making the world smaller, allowing people to see what was happening on the other side of the world without having to be physically there. Skype has not only strengthened social relationships, but has also managed to maintain its commercial empires, allowing people in a different world to work in the same company to achieve the same goal. For me, this is one of the programs that has brought us closer to the reality of technology. The only thing most people want is for Skype to record all forms of conversation it supports. Unfortunately, Skype does not guarantee the recording of any type of conversation.

Complete guide to choose the Skype recorder for Windows

There are some things you should keep in mind while browsing a good Skype for Windows call recorder. This can make the difference between doing well and ruining your podcast, the conference conversation or the interview session.

From the recording output quality to the collision protection guarantee, some functions are indispensable if you must obtain a call recorder that you can trust. Here, we will analyze the full startup guide to select the best Skype recording software for professional or personal use.

In this article, I’ll familiarize you with the list of the top 5 Skype for Windows call recorders. For any additional Skype records on our list, you should look for certain features. The quality of the call recording is of utmost importance. The same happens with the backup format of the records.

Let’s take a look at add-ons with these features and how they are classified as Skype software for Windows computers.

1, Evaer Skype Video Recorder

Evaer is one of the tools you can use to record your Skype conversations. One of the factors that make it popular among most people is the fact that it is easy to use. Nobody wants to have a software too complicated to use. Everyone wants something that gives them an easy time and something fun to use. If you have not used this software, download it and you will have a few free trial days. Then, if you wish, you can pay for the standard version or the professional version.

It will not cost much money, but I think every coin spent on this software is worth it for all it can give you. The good thing is that both versions of Evaer software allow you to record video calls. You will find that the professional version has a lot to offer, which makes it more fun to use. You do not have to worry when you choose the standard version because it offers more than you would have in some of the free programs to record Skype conversations.


2, PrettyMay for Skype Video Recorder

Skype Call Center solutions -

The PrettyMay Call Recorder for Skype is a software that can be used on a Windows PC to record a Skype conversation. It is a unique software available in three versions: the basic version, the professional version and the professional version. The basic version does not provide all the features you may need in a Skype recording tool. For starters, it’s limited to 15 minutes of recording any Skype conversation. This feature is limited and you may not be able to save much of what you need.

The professional version and the commercial version are not limited in terms of time, which gives you unlimited possibilities in terms of recording a Skype conversation. The basic version is free, while professional and commercial versions cost money to get it on your PC. Between the two, the commercial version is more expensive because it has more features than the rest of the versions.


3, Skype TalkHelper Video Recorder


If you’ve looked for a tool that can help you record your Skype-enabled audio and video calls, the TalkHelper call recorder can be the tool you’ve been looking for. I do not think anyone is looking for hard and complicated software to use unless you’re a computer fanatic. It is possible that a normal person does not even need to understand all the technical aspects of the software; they just need something to help them record their Skype conversation with the best quality possible.

TalkHelper has streamlined the process of recording Skype conversations for memory. Once you have connected Talk Helper to Skype, you can automatically record any incoming or outgoing call. Call recording is also easy, as is the recovery of recorded calls. TalkHelper does not come with any limitation that allows you to record calls for any duration. The only limiting factor in this case may be the available space on your PC. With enough space, you can save anything you want.


4, Amolto for Skype Video Recorder

Amolto Call Recorder for Skype

Amolto is another software that you can use to record your Skype calls. It is easy to use and it turns out to be one of the easiest programs to download. There are two versions of this tool: one is free, while you have to pay to enjoy the premium version. The main difference between these two versions lies in the fact that the free version can not record video calls, it is limited to audio calls. If you do not mind a Skype recording tool that can not record video calls, the free version of Amolto will work quite well with you.

Business people or people who may be interested in Skype interviews will have to give up some money to get the premium version that contains more functions and allows the tasks that could interest those people. The software is very easy, unlike some programs that cause problems to users during installation. You can consider using it as one of the tools to record your Skype calls if you are looking for the right tool for this type of task.


5, Supertintin Skype Video Recorder for Windows

SuperTintin, Free Skype Recorder

Supertintin is one of the most used programs for recording Skype conversations. This is probably because it offers what most Skype recording tools can not offer. One of the things I need to clarify is that it does not come in a free package like the other tools. You will have to pay money to get the software. Before deciding whether or not to comply with this software, you will get a trial version that will help you make the final decision about which software to use.

The trial version has so many limitations that you can not get what Supertintin has to offer. The paid version is not so limited and offers many fun and fun features to use. For example, the trial version limits only 15 minutes of Skype call recording, while the paid version is not totally limited, allowing you to record your calls without worry. Using Supertintin is so simple that anyone can configure it and use it without much trouble.



Given the in-depth analysis of the various relevant factors to consider when looking for a promising software to record your Windows Skype conversations, we believe that you are now better prepared to make informed decisions.

Regardless of this freedom, we would like to push you in the direction of Evaer Skype Recorder. We make this recommendation because hundreds of users like you have made good comments about the Evaer recorder and we think they can not go wrong.