How to Choose the Right Water Park Equipment


When a water park project into the design phase, the initial water park equipment selection will become the investment and water park design unit to consider and resolve matters. General water park equipment selection, subject to a number of constraints and key considerations, we hope this article introduction for the preparation of water park equipment selection or water park designer to provide some suggestions.


1, Quality Inspection Safety and Avoidance of Dangerous Hidden Dangers The safety of water park equipment is the most concern for investors after the park was opened. Therefore, large projects and stimulating projects should be selected as far as possible and have passed the national inspection and have not yet had an accident on the market And major fault water park equipment to ensure the normal opening of the park and prevent future equipment safety hazards.

2, Targeted to avoid the average investment directly affect and control One of the most important factor in the selection of waterpark equipment is the amount of investment, because it will limit the choice of products and waterpark manufacturers investors. Generally, high-investment projects can consider large-scale projects with market appeal in order to align with the market and attract the attention of tourist groups. Low-investment projects can consider small and medium-sized water park equipment that is more popular in the market. However, the most important thing is to avoid the average investment, capital allocation should give priority to large-scale water park equipment, and the other to meet the entertainment needs of the premise, moderate increase in equipment packaging or theme packaging investment to create a good atmosphere.

3, Accurate positioning to avoid the imbalance of equipment After the pre-market research positioning (including the surrounding water park existing large-scale water park equipment for the selection of differentiated, tourist groups, age and preference analysis, etc.), we must first set the water park Indoor and outdoor projects as well as the proportion of stimulating equipment and family soothing projects, and then screen their own inputs, pick out the cost-effective amusement equipment, which highlights the water park on the one hand personalized, on the other hand to meet the tourists Consumer preferences demand. At the same time, in each region of the water park equipment ratio, each region should at least consider one or more key projects, this is more conducive to the diversion of tourists.

4, Combination of indoor and outdoor to avoid bad weather due to geographical differences, the seasonal differences across the country is more obvious, some cities rainy season, winter longer, resulting in the actual operation of waterpark equipment, reduced service life and shorten the impact of tourists comfort experience . In particular, outdoor water park project, subject to extreme weather factors, water park equipment exposed long-term, very fast weathering very serious. With investment limits allowed, a combination of an indoor paradise and an outdoor paradise may be considered to reduce the actual operational losses caused by the weather. In addition, in the design of outdoor projects which also need to take into account the sun and cold fog and other human settings.

We remind investor that please don’t make blind investment. The first step is to make preparation and analyze water park equipment market, that is to say children’s play pool belongs to the children, adults are interested in some exciting rides and also some equipment are suitable for the family. So the question becomes, where should the investors buy water park equipment? The “soul” of water park is water park equipment, only choose reliable water park equipment manufacturers to buy good quality and novel water park equipment can save unnecessary trouble in the later business process. So how to find reliable equipment manufacturer?

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