How to choose commercial freezer?


Large-scale shopping malls and supermarkets in modern society appear in front of us.
When we visit shopping malls and supermarkets, we will see a variety of commercial
freezers, generally used for refrigerated foods, such as meat, seafood, vegetables,
etc. Wait , then many people will choose according to the brand. Today, Xiaobian will
introduce you which brand of Commercial Display Refrigerator is good? How to choose
commercial freezer?


Ceviant Refrigeration is a large industry & trade integration company, established in 2008, located in Shandong Province, China, registered capital is 50 million RMB Yuan, modern factory covers 120,000 square meters, more than 500 employees and 60 high level R&D engineers. As a famous Freezer Manufacturer and supplier, Ceviant Refrigeration has annual product capacity of 500,000 sets for commercial freezer series and 500,000 sets for commercial refrigerator series etc, till now Ceviant Refrigeration has developed and manufactured over 500 various kinds of commercial refrigeration equipment products. This manufacturer adheres to the “quality extension of the market, innovation leads to development”, follows the integrity of the operation, rigorous recruitment, and imports advanced production testing equipment, uses new material & technology & craft, and constantly develops better quality and higher grade professional products to provide better service for our customers.

Haier is the first-line brand of large-scale home appliances in the world. It is also
the world’s leading provider of complete home appliance solutions and virtual and
integrated channel distributors. Haier’s home appliance brands mainly produce White
goods such as refrigerators, freezers, commercial freezers, air conditioners, water
dispensers, and so on.

Aucma is also a global supplier of refrigeration equipment and one of the world’s
leading Freezer Manufacturer of refrigeration appliances, environmentally friendly
electric vehicles and household appliances. The Aucma appliance brand was established
in 1987. Since its inception, Aucma Appliances has been “creating a better product .”

The stars
The appetite of the star appliance brand was founded in 1988. The main products of the
star appliance brand are the household freezer and the commercial freezer. The Star
Freezer was identified as the “China Export Card”. Star commercial ice freezer is
deeply rooted in Both the design and the styling. In the major supermarkets, we can
see the shadow of the commercial freezer. There are horizontal, vertical, double door,
several doors.


The compressor is the heart of the freezer, and it is also a heavy-duty component
of the commercial refrigerator. It can be said that as long as the compressor is
imported from the brand, it will Diffuse improve the mute, power consumption, service
life, cooling speed and so on.

The overall machine design insulation technology. The working medium of the freezer
is different, the power consumption required to obtain the same cooling capacity is
also different, which is directly related to the cooling effect of the freezer. If the
R600A refrigerant is environmentally It must use integral foaming, which can greatly
improve the overall sealing degree of the commercial freezer, thus greatly improving
the thermal insulation performance.

The ratio of the actual cooling capacity to the actual input power during the cooling
operation of the refrigerator at the same ambient temperature and cooling time. The
higher the energy efficiency ratio of the freezer, the more energy is Saved when the
cooling capacity is equal. That is to say, the faster the refrigerator is cooled, the
better the cooling effect.

There are many sizes of refrigerators, and there are also differences in models and
capacities. When consumers are shopping, it is recommended to first understand the
relevant knowledge. The above is about the brand of freezer and the size of the
freezer is appropriate, I hope to help everyone, you can refer to the refrigerator
when you choose, according to the actual needs of your family to choose the right size
of the refrigerator

If you buy a refrigerator, everyone is very concerned about the price of the
refrigerator. There are big differences in the price of different brands and different
types of refrigerators. You can buy them according to your needs when you purchase
them. Many consumers buy refrigerators And care about what brand of freezer is cheap,
and also care about the appropriate size of the freezer.
Now it is up to you to decide which is the American Style Fridge Freezer that best
suits your needs or the one that will blend in better with your kitchen design. more
information please visit




產後的新媽媽在分娩時耗力及損血,流失了大量的蛋白質、醣類、各種維生素、多種礦物質及水分,產後初期會感到疲乏無力,臉色蒼白,而且易出虛汗且胃腸功能也趨於紊亂,出現食慾缺乏、餓不思食、食而無味等現象。 再加上要餵養新生的寶寶,乳汗分泌也會消耗能量及營養素,此時倘若營養調配不好,不僅母親身體難以康復,容易得病,而且還會影響寶寶的哺乳及生長發育。 所以,產後飲食營養對於月子裡的新媽媽萬其重要,不可忽視產後飲食的作用.

盡量做到食物種類齊全,不偏食,數量果相應地增加,這樣才能保證能夠攝入足夠並且不同的營養養分。除了吃主食穀類食物,副食也應該多樣化,一日以4~5餐為宜。  乳媽媽膳食中的主食不能單一,更不能只吃精白米、精白面,應該粗細糧搭配。每天食用一定量的粗糧,並適當調配些雜糧、燕麥、小米、赤小豆、綠豆等。這樣做可保證各種營養素的供給,還可使蛋白質起到互補作用,提高蛋白質的營養價值。


產婦活動量比較小,中國新手媽媽多以產後臥床為主,因此,有些食物營養雖豐富,卻不易消化,吃多了會引起腸胃不適和大便秘結,消化力受到限制。所以,要多吃易消化的食物,同時要少吃刺激性食 物,不吸煙,不喝酒,因為酒精和煙中的尼古丁可通過乳汗傳給寶寶,導致寶寶不適或疾病。刺激性食物易使產婦發生便秘,若產婦長期便秘,可誘發子宮脫垂。



The methods of choosing glassware for the house bar


Whether you are preparing a full bar for the home or just want to stock your shelves for a party, the choice of homeware can become more complex than expected. There are dozens of different cocktail styles and it can be hard to determine which ones are essential for entertainment, which ones are obsolete and superfluous. Choosing the right glass is often essential for mixing and serving cocktails, and you will not want to embarrass your guests by serving them a margarita in a tall glass!

When choosing glass wares for the bar of your home, limit your selection to that of cocktails and other drinks that you and your guests enjoy while drinking, rather than trying to fill your cabinets with a complete catalog of accessories. of bar. Once you have an idea of ​​the type of parties and cocktails you want to celebrate in your home bar, choosing the right bar accessories can be a lot of fun.

If you are a wine expert, you probably already have a good idea of ​​how to combine glassware with different wines, be they red, white, mellow, black or fruity. To begin with your collection of homemade bars, you must choose a variety of basic pieces in a simple style. Choose some with bowls for red wine and others with narrow fluted shapes for champagne toasts. You can complete your glassware with large glasses for simple and versatile cocktails.

At first, your options may seem simple and transparent in terms of colors and styles, but with a little more research, you will find a wide variety of tinted and shiny cocktail items. Engraved and finely cut pieces are even more popular. It can be difficult to choose between these noisy and bold pieces and the most elegant and simple options, as the latter are much more versatile, but the former can bring an elegant touch to any party or gathering.

When choosing rooms for the bar of your home, you need to consider the amount of storage space and entertainment with which you must play. If you only have a small alcove or a kitchen workbench to serve drinks, you will need to reduce your glassware to include essential items such as champagne glasses, some standard cocktails, versatile wine containers and a small glassware. set of glasses. . To make the most of the bars in your home, you can hang some of your glass at the bottom of the rod and place some in a mirror cabinet.

This article helps you choose the glass, it is shared by Jatonglass. Jatonglass is one the leading glassware suppliers provide a wide range of elegant glass and bar items in China.












西雅图月膳坊成立于2018年,专注与为孕妇及产妇提供营养膳食管理服务,是西雅图首家具有正规资质的月子餐品牌。中央厨房坐落于美丽的Bellevue Factoria地区,交通便利,让我们更快的送餐到您家。月膳坊聘请具有多年月子料理经验的厨师团队,致力与成为您身边的营养膳食管家,儿童免疫系统的发育始于子宫,并在很大程度上取决于母亲在怀孕期间提供的营养。有关更多信息,请访问