Phone Selfie Light Let You Take the Best Selfies


Looking good and feeling great! Selfies can be a great avenue for self-expression at any age.

Taking selfies with your phone is a very easy and convenient way to express your various moods. Selfies enable you to express yourself in any manner you find preferable.

It is fun taking selfies where you can illustrate your confidence, personality and sense of fashion. These days it is quite a norm to take selfies. Though the process is simple, it doesn’t imply that you just aim your camera to your face and click. It takes practice to take striking selfies that will be admired by your friends when they see them on the social networking sites.

Here are a few tips to help you improve your skills of taking selfies:

Do not ignore the background

Selfie obviously means that you should be dominating in that photo, but don’t overlook the background altogether. Just make a mental note of your surroundings, and arrange the setting of your camera accordingly. If you are not positioned properly, a tree in the background could appear to be jetting out of your head. Avoid looking at something that could hinder a cheerful smile.

Get the correct angle

You can try different angles to highlight some of your personal features, or cover up those that you don’t want to be noticed. That is one of the important advantages of taking your own snaps. When you like your face to look thinner or the eyes to appear larger, you can shoot from a slightly raised level. When you don’t want to highlight a small bulge beneath the chin, slightly pull your neck out. In case the upper part of your body is coming in the frame, try turning your shoulder a bit in the direction of the camera. That should make you look slimmer.

Change the position of the camera, take a shot, have a look and take another shot. You may need to spend some time for finding the most appropriate angle. Once you are able to locate it, you would have improved not only your photos, but also your skills.

Be considerate of lighting

Having the right amount of light is a vital part of photography, and thus selfies. Make use of natural light. When taking indoor photos, position yourself close to a window. If light is not adequate, the photo will reflect the imperfections of the skin.

Keep the source of light opposite to the object to be photographed. It is light that can soften or brighten your features. As far as possible, the use of flash should be avoided while taking selfies. Selfies taken using cameras which include flash are rarely good. Use flash only with more professional cameras having the feature of color correction.

If you take care of these simple aspects of photography, you can surely take unique, loving selfies and post them on Facebook or Twitter.

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