Does PCB Could Be Applied To Our Life?


Does PCB Could Be Applied To Our Life? The Answer is “Yes”

The latest and innovative technology such as aluminum PCB has brought in a revolution in the electronic niche. PCB is also known as Printed Circuit Board. Are you wondering how exactly this PCB benefits us? If yes then here is the answer. This component plays a crucial role in many electronic devices like computers, thermal (heat) energy recycling system, cooling system etc. and helps them in running smoothly. They are intelligently designed to cater to every requirement of any modern goods and devices effectively.

PCB manufacturing is a highly skilled job. Moreover, it requires finest details to be considered in order to eliminate any sort of menace. Thus, whenever you decide to go ahead and purchase the aluminum PCB, make sure that the PCB PROTOTYPE manufacturer is reliable and authentic. With the course of time, the crew of extremely qualified, experienced and skilled engineers, technicians as well as professionals has come up with PCB prototype. It is considered as the important working model of a PCB assembly. Basically, this prototype is available to determine whether the assembly can serve the purpose efficiently or not. The best thing about the product is that they are technologically advanced and delivers the exceptional services to the people.

If you are wondering how to ensure the smooth functioning of any electronic devices then connect PCB assembly to conductive tracks and paths of electrical devices with the aid of this prototype. The technicians and professionals are known to check the flaws in your electronic devices in this manner. It is not wrong to say that the engineering of PCB fabrication is far more advanced and unique. Its high volume manufacturing has certainly aided several people all across the globe. You will be extremely glad to find that this PCB is available in various shapes, styles and designs. This means that you have all the freedom to select them as per your preferences.
However, while making a purchase of aluminum PCB, there are certain things that are given importance to like minimum outer layer trace width/space, Minimum drill size for through hole (mechanical), Solder mask registration tolerance and more. Are you wondering where to find a service provider that offers this PCB prototype at cost effective rates? If yes, then tour the web immediately.

The common materials used for manufacturing PCBs are: FR4, FR4 High Temperature, Polyimide, GeTek, Rogers, Arlon, Nelco, Alumina, Ceramic, Bakelite, FR1, CEM1, and CEM5. The size and thickness of the board depends upon the requirements of the circuit. The substrate is coated with a layer of copper. Then, using photosensitive coating, the circuit diagram is printed on the board. The undesired copper is etched out from the board to form copper “tracks”, called traces. This process is known as Photoengraving. There are two other common methods used for developing connecting traces. PCB milling is a mechanical system where undesired copper is removed with CNC machines. Another process is Silk-Screen printing, where special ink that is etch-resistant is used to cover the areas where the copper traces have to be made.

Before purchasing PCB, you need to check the credibility of the website and reviews posted on the site so that you do not get conned. Moreover you can also get the online quotes to ensure your purchase is money’s worth. So, what are you waiting for? Explore the web now, more detail please visit

The Top 10 PCB manufacturer In 2018


When you choose a PCB manufacturer, first of all, make sure how long they have been in business. at the same time, take a look at the prices of a few manufacturers so that you can compare prices and check for guarantees. Getting that perfect printed circuit board made cannot be easier nor more convenient than what it is today.
Now, there is a list for the top 10 PCB PROTOTYPE manufacturer, hope that help you get more information:
No. 1# pcbgogo

They are specialized PCB & PCBA manufacturing with their own factory and manufacturing equiments. To promise high quality of your PCB projects, we have 24 hours online customer service to handle the engineer questions or problems you may have with your orders, all of your orders will be reviewed by PCBGOGO engineers. Their pricinple is to use the profession to ensure that you get exactly what you expect. Their goal is 100% client satisfaction. As a full-service PCB prototype and assembly provider, PCBGOGO can cover all your PCB requirements, including custom prototype and mass value fabrication, high-quality PCB assembly.

No. 2# 4pcb

Specializes in printed circuit board manufacturing and PCB assembly, including PCB prototype and production circuit boards. Manufacturing with some of the highest PCB technology and quality standards found in the industry today.

No. 3# seeedstudio

FR-4 is the most commonly used material for PCBs. One sided aluminum boards have traces on one side and bare aluminium on the other. They are good for heat dissipation. For multi-layer aluminium PCBs please use the Advanced service. Flexible Printed Circuit boards (FPC) are much thinner than FR-4 and can be bent to some extent.

No. 4# pcbcart

From prototype to production, we proudly offer high-quality PCB manufacturing & assembly services for all your PCB needs. Get a Free Quote today!

No. 5# colonialcircuits

IF you are in Dallas and need a printed circuit board manufacturer, call on Colonial Circuits. We have over 30 years of experience.

No.6# customcircuitboards

PCB manufacturer company in the USA specializing in quick turn PCB fabrication services.

No. 7# jlcpcb

China’s Largest PCB Prototype Manufacturer, PROTOTYPE AND SMALL SERICES Reliable PCB services , 24 hours Quick Turn

No. 8# lscpcbs

Texas Printed Circuit Boards Prototype Quickturn Production – military specifications printed circuit boards

No. 9# 7pcb

Bittele Electronics, a turn-key PCB manufacturer, offers high quality, low-cost, printed circuit board manufacturing for prototype or low-volume orders, including multi-layer printed circuit boards, impedance controlled circuit boards, and HDI PCBs in varying complexities.

No. 10# avanticircuits

Avanti Circuits is a US based PCB manufacturer company fabricating two-layer, multi-layer, quick turn, prototype, and production PCB- made in USA and veteran-owned. Request a free quote today!

PCB Price Calculator for Estimating the Cost of PCB Assembly


When we talk about PCB assembly cost, numerous factors come into our mind like labour costs, technology used, packaging of the parts, quantity of the boards, turn time, number of fine pitched parts used etc. When most of the above mentioned factors remain the same irrespective of the region, labour costs vary from region to region. Therefore to achieve a cost effective PCB assembly various factors need to be taken into consideration.

Price, quality, delivery time and service are the most common criteria engineers concern when choosing a PCB manufacturer, and generally speaking most people should concern about the price first. Then, how to find out the cheapest one from hundreds of PCB fab houses? The answer is PCB cost estimator! In this article I will introduce the most popular printed circuit board cost calculator. Feel free to leave a comment if you have better recommendations.

Technology used – Another important factor that plays an important role in the assembly cost is the type of technology used either through-hole technology or surface mount technology (SMT) or sometimes both. While SMT is cheaper because of low initial cost of setup because of high degree of automation and higher component density but sometimes it is unavoidable to have all surface mount devices (SMDs) on a board. At this point through hole technology comes into action. Thus we see a rise in the cost as it requires additional drilling of the boards and reduction in the routing area.

Turnaround time – Assembly cost may vary with the turnaround time also. Shorter assembly times may increase the cost by more than 30%-200% compared to the normal assembly times. For an expedited assembly sometimes the manufacturer may have to hold the existing orders and concentrate on the expedited order, expedited shipping also costs higher and in some cases the manufacturing location may also need to be compromised to meet the deadline thereby increasing the assembly cost considerably in some cases.

Packaging of the parts – Electronic components come in different packages, therefore assembly cost may also vary with the packaging of the parts. Parts like BGAs and QFNs have a higher assembly cost because these parts have electrical connections beneath them and it takes higher source of accuracy to place these parts. They also require X-ray inspection to check for voids and short circuit between the pins. This increases the assembly cost of these parts relatively to the more generic packages like SMD, 0603, 0805, 1206 etc.

Quantity of boards to be assembled – The assembly pricing can be quite deceiving when in smaller quantities. The total assembly cost for prototype boards may seem much less when compared to the total cost of boards when manufactured in larger quantities. But one thing that people fail to notice is that the unit price of assembly drops down to a very large extent when produced in large quantities. Many factors add up to the cost for the assembly like initial setup, stencil, and programming. Therefore in case of prototype boards this cost will be much significant but in case of larger quantities this cost becomes insignificant as they are a one-time cost and need not to be reproduced again and again.

Labour Costs – Like mentioned before that labour costs depends on the region where the boards are being assembled because assembly does not only include the automated process but also requires human interaction. So if the labour is cheap then total cost will definitely be cheaper. For example, a board assembled in North America will be 3 to 4 times more expensive compared to one assembled in Asia because of the availability of cheap and skilled labour. Though the labour costs in Asia have seen a drastic increase over the past decade but overall cost still remains cheaper.

Let us see the price comparison of a simple 2 layer board assembled in North America and China.


Following is the table representing the different packages used to calculate the above mentioned assembly cost:

assembly cost

To summarize, PCB assembly cost depends on labour cost, stencil, turnaround time, quantity of assembled boards required and the packaging of the parts used. Sometimes programming of the board is also required but PCBGOGO doesn’t charge any programming fees.