Tips for Recognizing the Authentic NSK Bearings


An NSK bearing is a device that is used to enable rotational or linear movement while reducing friction and handling stress. Resembling wheels, bearings literally enable devices to roll, which reduces the friction between the surface of the bearing and the surface it’s rolling over. It’s significantly easier to move, both in a rotary or linear fashion, when friction is reduced—this also enhances speed and efficiency. There are many brands for the ball bearing.

2) Rolling Element Bearings

Rolling element bearings place balls or rollers between two rings – or “races” – that allows motion with little rolling resistance and sliding. These bearings include ball bearings and roller bearings.

NSK ball bearings are the most common type of rolling element bearing. Roller bearings are able to handle a much heavier, radial load, like conveyor belts because they don’t use balls. Rather make use of cylinders thereby allowing more contact between the races and also spreading the load over moiré area.

3) Jewel Bearings

They carry loads by rolling the axle slightly off-center and are usually used in mechanical watches or clocks. This is due to their low and predictable friction that improves watch accuracy.

Features and benefits of NSK bearings

NSK bearings unit share some of the following features and benefits:


NSK roller bearing units are assembled, greased and ready-to-mount, saving time and reducing the risk of contaminating or damaging the bearing during installation.

Simple mounting

The bearing units can be used with commercial grade shafts and are located easily on the shaft by tightening the set (grub) screws in the mounting collar or locking collar.

Stiff housing

The housing base is reinforced with ribs and the area around the attachment bolt holes is strengthened to minimize the risk of cracking caused by over-tightening the attachment bolts.

Some of the areas where bearings are being used are mentioned below. Read on to find out which are they:

  1. The Automotive Industry: Ball bearings are used in all motor vehicles. They are mostly used in various parts those include driveshaft, driveline, engine, steering, etc.
  2. Paper-making Industry: Ball bearings are widely used in the paper-making machines. The bearings which are used in the preparation of various machines those operate under high temperature.
  3. Home appliances: Ball bearings are ubiquitous in-home appliances such as washing machines, hair drier, electric drill, and DVD players.
  1. Toy Industries: Most toys are designed to move through compressing springs or electric motors, and therefore involve the use of several ball bearings.
  2. Aerospace: Ball bearings serve as an important component in rockets and space shuttles. Most of the moving parts of the space shuttles are used in the ball bearing for its easy and free movement.

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