Something You Should Know About Lolita Fashion


Lolita began as a street fashion in Japan, the organic growth of many influences: the extravagant dresses of the Victorian era and Rococo, pop dresses of the 50s and 70s maid dresses, to name just a few. some. There is not a single “moment” where lolita was created or named. It is difficult to document the early days, since there were no Japanese girls’ wardrobes that used them in the 1980s until areas like Harajuku caught the attention of the media. Lolita as we know it today appeared in the early 2000s (see some examples below). Lolita stores in Japan did not start selling abroad until 2003, and even then it was very difficult and confusing to buy them.

Fashion “Lolita” is hailing from fashion subculture in the Japanese Harajuku district and is based on Victorian fashion and Rococo. Lolita is meant to reflect a modest, young and innocent appearance, but also tries to be mature (as in the “Classic Lolita” and “Elegant Gothic Aristocrat” styles), although some styles, such as OTT (Over the Top) “Sweet Lolita”. . “And Bittersweet Lolita point to a more playful look and kawaii (cute) sometimes plunges into the world of fashion Decora hopes that this article will help you dress up Lolita and be simple, modest and best of all: super unique

Every individual has his own reasons for choosing to wear fashion. For some, it’s just cute, capricious and like a doll. For others, it sounds a lot like the idea of ​​punk; a counter-culture style that disobeys people to “expect” femininity. Some people take more and embody the aesthetic of the “Princess”, not only in Lolita Costume, but also in their behavior and lifestyle choices: what we call Lolitas lifestyle. Whatever the reasons, remember not to prejudge why someone uses lolita, or what it could mean for them or their lives. Not everyone has a reason behind it and it’s okay; You can love what it looks like!

How can you become a lolita?
If you want to be something more than a fashion fan, then go for it! Being lolita does not mean changing your personality or lifestyle. And he finds the outfit when he composes a lolita:

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Bows, headbands, hats, mini hats.

Heels, platforms, floors decorated with straps and arches.

Socks, thighs or socks up to the knee.

A full skirt or a dress that reaches to the knees, helped by a flared skirt, bloomers, blouses, boleros. The dresses are often covered with engravings or patterns.

Typical styles may include curls, twintails, fringes / fringes.

One of the key aspects of lolita fashion is modesty, revealing the neckline or short skirts would not usually be considered lolita. Since lolita clothing is meant to be dressed as “regular” clothing, the fabrics and finish must be of high quality. Each individual has his own take or adaptation in style, so these are not strict rules. Think of them as a basic recipe to start, before adding and experimenting with different flavors.

Anyway, all you have to do is put on your clothes, and if that sounds appealing to you, I encourage you to accept it.
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