Exterior Renovation: Cement Fiber Coating Compared to Vinyl Coating


In the world of remodeling the outside of your home, you need to consider several factors when comparing a fiber cement panels to a vinyl siding.

Disguise the problem
The vinyl siding is sometimes used as a cover to be placed on the old damaged siding. Current problems may still exist. Sometimes it can be installed incorrectly. This invites insects and moisture to accumulate behind the panels and can even pass through the structure of the house.

Always look at the guarantee before your purchase. Carefully examine the “shelf life” to see how many years the warranty actually covers and what is covered. See the “Normal Weather” section to see what is your definition of normal climate.

It can be seen that the fiber-cement coating has a 50-year transferable limited warranty for the product and a 15-year completion warranty. This guarantee is good even for the most severe climates.

Vinyl siding may melt or burn if it is too close to a heat source such as your grill or a nearby fire. The flammability of the coating is a source of concern as some counties / districts begin to inform homeowners of their natural flammability.

The fiber cement panels is not combustible when exposed to a significant amount of heat or flame. He was appreciated for this security feature. It is also approved for fire resistant structures.

All colors are softened by the sun and you can replace the vinyl siding with several options. You can install a replacement part and try to find the color that matches its original coating. You can also replace all the coating again if you do not find the corresponding color. You can also paint the siding, but keep in mind that this type of siding is designed to expand and contract, which will cause the paint to crack and peel off over time.

The fiber cement coating can be painted the desired color. It will also stay longer than with wood. It will not crack and peel as fast as vinyl.

Bad quality and aesthetics
Vinyl coatings may look less natural than wood. It has overlapping seams and fake wood grains that try to copy the look of the wood. The fiber cement coating has the beauty of real wood and can be painted in any color, with no splinters of wood or splinters of vinyl. There are no overlapping seams that eliminate the natural look that will be provided at home.

Weather resistant
The fiber cement coating is a very durable product that can even withstand the harshest climates. As it is known with the other type of coating, it will not become brittle to the cold or be damaged by flying debris.

The large amount of thickness that accompanies the fiber cement flooring adds to the strength of the products, which withstands the impacts of wind or hail.

The thinnest vinyl coating is only 5/100 inch thick.
These are several things that you should consider when investing outside your home. In the long term, having a fiber cement coating is aesthetically and financially stronger than having a vinyl coating that is a lower quality product.

Mr. Oliver is a marketing officer for Blue Ridge Exteriors. The flooring contractor provides James Hardie siding throughout the Richmond, Virginia area. For more information on his James Hardie coating, visit his website. More information please visit http://www.yunionboard.com/