All of us have a dream of our perfect wedding day. We dream about how our wedding hall should be, the decorations, drinks, food and of course about how you look. You take a lot of care about how you look, is there any pimple on your face, you carefully decide who should be your makeup artist and your wedding fashion designer. The main thing that attracts people is your dress.

Of course. Wedding dresses play a very important role on your wedding day. It’s not just that you wear it for others, but you wear it for you to feel good and confident on your wedding. We all feel happy and confident when we have the right outfit that suits on us. So we all would be very confused about whom to choose for designing our dress that suits right for us and the dress that you like. There are many kinds of wedding dresses according to different cultures. Some cultures use lehengas, few use sarees of different colors like red, white, golden etc. The most attractive of all the dresses which makes the bride look pretty and cute is the wedding gowns. Every girl’s dream is to look like a princess. But don’t know where to get your desired dress. Once you get your dream wedding dress, the rest will fall into place. So choosing your wedding dress is primary.

Types of wedding gowns:

1) A-line gown- this type of gown looks more flown than other types. It fits through your body structure until your waist and then cascade outwards to the ground resembling an A shape throughout. It is suitable for all body shapes.

2) Ball gown- this type of gown fits your upper body until your belly button and then suits itself in the form of a ball like structure bulged up. This type of gown is also suitable for almost all body types, but looks the best for small sized upper bodies.

3) Trumpet gown- it is called the fit and flare type of gown. It fits your body shape till the mid- thigh and then cascades out from mid-thigh in the structure of a mermaid and a trumpet.

4) Sheath or column gown- it’s the gown that is narrow in shape from the neck to the hem. It is ideal for athletic and slim body types.

5) Jump suit- it is one piece garment consisting of pant at the bottom and a garment at the back attached to the trousers. Suitable for all body types.

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You must be wondering what to do with the wedding dress after the wedding.
Post wedding DIY with the gowns-

1) Make it as a cocktail dress.

2) Turn it into a small frock for your little ones.

Types of Wedding Dresses for a Bride


The wedding day is one of the most wonderful days of a person’s life. It is the day where everything should be perfect properly maintained, it is considered to be one of the happiest days of any person’s life. The wedding day is not perfect without a beautiful wedding dress. There are many kinds of wedding dresses that are available and each of them has a unique design. Eisenge provides cheap women’s wedding dresses which are of high quality and comes in a very reasonable price. In this article I will discuss about different types of wedding dresses. For detailed description about the dresses it is requested the reader to go through this site: eisenge. Here all the below mentioned eisenge cheap women’s wedding dresses are available at cheap prices.

Princess and Mermaid Dress

The princess dress is very romantic and feminine; it is like a ball gown with a long skirt and fitted bodice. It is the all time famous dress that most of the brides choose to wear in their wedding. The mermaid dress is sleek and glamorous; fish-tail end of the dress accentuates the curves of the bride. The dress embraces the contour of the body and it flares round the keens making it one of the best and stylish wedding dresses of all time.

Trumpet and Tea-length Dress

Trumpet dress is more like a mermaid, but it is a softer and a lighter version of the mermaid dress. It has a trumpet cuts highlight the soft flare of the dress. The cuts help in lengthening the legs, this dress is best for women having small waist. Tea length dress is best for petite brides; it creates an illusion that makes the legs look longer. This dress is designed in such a way that it helps the bride to walk flexibly. As the dress provides flexibility and mobility to the brides so it is best for a destination wedding or beach wedding.

Two- piece dress and Long Sleeve Dress

The two-piece dress has the concept of crop top in it. The dress consists of a laced crop top with a full length A-line skirt. This dress reflects the personality and the confidence of the bride. Long sleeve dress can be of different types, it depends on the taste and preference of the bride. As the name suggests this kind of dresses comes with full sleeve with different kinds of designs ordered by the bride. It gives a royal and classy look to the bride.

Bohemian and Sheath Dress

The bohemian dresses are very much popular among the brides in the world. The bohemian dresses come with an assortment of different materials and silhouettes. It looks best with loose beauty waves along with unique and special accessories like a flower crown. The sheath dress is like a straight, thin and narrow shaped gown from top down or bottom. This dress mainly showcases or highlights the hip and waist of the bride. This dress is best suited for tall and lean brides. The sheath is often cut into splits so that the bride can walk properly.

How to become a successful electronic components distributor


At present, everyone is doing different types of businesses in the market. But people are making the choice of doing business by looking at how much profit they can get by that business. The business of electronic components supplying is also increasing in the market. There are many electronic components distributor available in the market. However, with the increase in infrastructure development, this business is never going to stop, and the competition will keep growing. So, if you also want to start a business of stock electronic components, there are few things which you should keep in mind to be a successful distributor or supplier of electronic components.

To help you in growing your business of electronic components, we are here to help you by telling you how you can be a better distributor or supplier of the electronic components. Let’s know what all is required for becoming a good electronic component supplier.

Know what kind of distributor you want to become

If you are just planning to start your electronic components business, first of all, decide, what kind of distributor, you want to become. As there are distributors who just deal in some specific electronic components and there are distributors who keep stock of almost every electronic component with them. So, for starting the business, one needs to have the clarity on this, whether they want to supply a wide variety of components or any particular component.

Supply Quantity

One also needs to decide the quantity of the supply, and that depends on a lot of factors. One can become a small quantity supplier or a large quantity supplier, but there are many things on which the two are dependent. If your focus is just on the small productions and developments, you can go become a small quantity electronic components supplier. But if you want to focus on large productions and developments, it is advisable to become a large quantity electronic components supplier. For large quantity electronic components supplier, you should also have enough space to stock the components, so that they are easily available for the supply, whenever required.

Quality of Electronic Components

Make sure you also check the quality of electronic components which you are going to supply. There are different technical ways with the help of which the distributors check and ensure that they are supplying the best and quality electronic components. Because if the buyers will not get the original electronic components or will get the faulty electronic components, they will not like to deal with you in the future. So, keep the quality of all the electronic components you are selling high and check them properly.

Check the market

Now, as you are about to start your electronic components distribution business, you need to review the market also. Make sure you check the market and see what other distributors are doing to get the maximum benefit out of their business. Read their profit trends and the different ways they are dealing in the electronic components. You can even gain valuable information from, and after conducting due research take the step ahead.

Top Tips to Choose A Prom Dress In 2019


The long prom dresses, two-piece evening dresses, cocktail style, and two-piece gowns are all necessary for women’s wardrobe because these dresses never go out of fashion. Choose only those dresses which compliment your look & style.

Choosing a prom dress is so fun! You need to pick a dress that puts the consideration on you and features your characteristic highlights. Pick a shading that compliments your skin tone and an outline that compliments your figure.

Before you are going for a prom dress to pick you should know about the statistical data points of the prom dresses. Prom is a standout amongst the most otherworldly evenings in a young lady’s secondary school vocation, in some cases a standout amongst the most captivated nighttimes throughout her life.

How to choose a Prom Dress?

Girls are always in search of unique and trendy attires. Prom night is one of the most important occasions in every girl’s life. So, try something unique and look beautiful and well-dressed to steal the show. You can also search for some of the websites in order to buy prom dresses online with the latest trending styles, beautiful designs, and extremely unique patterns.

Helpful tips while choosing a Prom Dress

1. What dresses have you worn in the past that made you feel amazing?

2. What is your favorite color? Do you have a specific color in mind for your dress, or are you more open in this area? There are many prom dresses online store, from where you can make a choice.

3. What dress styles make you feel comfortable according to your body type? (I’m an hourglass, but I have a little pooch on my stomach, so I prefer dresses that aren’t too tight, but they still show off my curves.)

4. Do you like strapless dresses or dresses with straps? Strapless dresses are beautiful, but they do tend to fall down often. Dresses with straps solve this problem, but sometimes they appear a little boxy.

5. Do you like glitter, sequins, etc.? Some girls like to keep it simple if they want to wear clingy jewelry or they have a date with them, but others like to have a dress with bling.

6. Do you want to stand out or fit in at prom? Some girls like to go to department stores for their dresses because it’s easy, but others like online websites or professional dress shops because they want a dress no one else is likely to have.

7. What is your price range? Yes, it is a downer, but some dresses can be REALLY expensive. But, be sure to ask yourself if you want to spend a lot of money on a dress that you may/may not wear again.

8. Go with your gut! If a dress catches your eye and you try it on and FALL IN LOVE with it, then get it! You want to feel beautiful on your prom night, and prom only happens during high school. Make it count!

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Check few things before buying footwear online


There are few things which we always prefer to buy from the physical store only, especially when it is about buying footwear. And when you have to get the women footwear, you need to be more precise and careful. Often people buy things from sale thinking that they can use it in the future. But with shoes, this logic never fits, as they may be in trend now but not after some time. Due to the availability of a variety of footwear and sandals online, women prefer to order them online. If you also love to buy footwear online and want to get one. So, make sure that you do follow a few things, which we have mentioned below.

Check the store first

Whenever you plan to buy any footwear online, especially the women footwear, do check the site first. You need to see whether the site is a new site or is selling footwear and other products for a long time. You can also check the review if available on the site. Most of the sites these days make the reviews available for increasing their sale. If it is a genuine site, you will see genuine reviews about the different footwears and products on the site. Even if the reviews are not available, make sure you check that the site is a secure site to make purchases. Also, check whether they deliver at your place or city or not.

Check the material, and other details of the footwear

Now, when you are looking at the footwear, so be it sandals or shoes or any other footwear, check their details. Most of the sites put the details like from which material the footwear is made of, are they washable or not, and other such details are also mentioned there. Make sure, you check all these details before you buy the footwear.

Know the size

In different stores, the sizes of the footwears are given in different numbers as per the different manufacturers and countries. So, do check the size chart carefully, before you order one for yourself. Make sure you order the size that fits you, instead of ordering something that is not of your size. Because, shoes are not the clothes that they can be altered, and they may fit you later on.

Take a full view of the image of the footwears

Some of the sites does not put clear images of the product. Make sure you view the full image of the footwear before buying them. Check if the details are visible or not. As, there is no use of buying something, that you are not much sure about.

Check the price of the sandals

Once you have checked that the sandals are of the right size and right quality, make sure that you also check their price of the sandals. It is often said that the price of the footwear is quite less online in comparison to the physical stores. You may also get some good discount on footwear. Or you may get the footwear on sale also. If you feel that the price of the footwear is fine and is reasonable, then you can go for it.

Compare the price at different other online stores

Now, as we all know that there is a lot of competition among different stores. So, do not forget to search the same footwear on other online footwear stores. Do check and compare the price of footwear in different stores. If you find that the footwear is available at a cheaper price on other stores, first check the complete details, including the delivery price if any. After checking all, if you still feel that the footwear price is less than buy from another store. Or otherwise, you can buy it from the same store.

Check their payment mode

Knowing the payment modes is also important especially when you are buying for the first time. Because mostly when we buy anything from any online store for the first time, we prefer to order it on cash on delivery, instead of making the payment via net banking or credit or debit card.

Read about their return policies

This is the most important thing which you all should do. Because, just in case, if you do not like footwear, you would like to return it. So, you should be aware of the return policy. Check that whether they return the product or not. If yes, then in how many numbers of days, they will return the product, will they refund the complete amount in the bank account, in how many days they will make the refund, what are the replacement policies, and other such things related to return policy. Make sure you check all this carefully.


One may find the women’s sandals sale going on online, so it is advisable that do check all that we have mentioned above. The sale does not always mean that you will get a good product. If you are really looking for some good product on sale, then go for this site, to buy the sandals or other footwear for yourself or for others.